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Design Guidelines Overview

The location, design and history of Rehberg Ranch presents a unique opportunity to establish a community where neighborhoods foster lasting friendships. From an architectural standpoint, the guidelines are intended to promote design styles that respect and protect the natural environment and minimize the disturbance of the existing terrain and vegetation, blend seamlessly into the natural setting, and convey and enhance the feeling of the high prairies of Montana.

A Design Review Process has been established to implement these guidelines and to assist owners with the design review process. The design review is divided into five phases, covering the preliminary design stage through completion. It is strongly recommended an owner retain professional architectural or design assistance in planning and designing a residence.
All design plans must be approved prior to construction.

These Design Guidelines are applicable to all construction commenced within Rehberg Ranch.
The unique topography and general terrain of Rehberg Ranch requires particular attention to site planning. Buildings should be located so as to maximize the attributes of a site while minimizing the disturbance of the site's natural features. To preserve the natural terrain for the enjoyment of all residents, the concept of a maximum allowable building area referred to as the "Building Envelope" has been adopted.

Architecture within Rehberg Ranch should capture the feeling of the native prairie environment with improvements becoming an extension of the region by use of timbers, stone and native materials in construction and landscaping. The use of natural materials and design styles reflecting the heritage of this region is encouraged. Vinyl products are not allowed.

Single-family residences must contain a minimum of 1,200-1,600 sq. ft. of enclosed habitable space, depending on area, with homes sized appropriately for the lot. Maximum allowable height for a residence is 35 feet.
Views are important at Rehberg Ranch; views from the lot of off-site features and views from off-site, through the lot to significant features within or outside the development. The objective is to create as many opportunities for views as possible.

Native landscape of the Rehberg Ranch includes coulees, sandstone outcroppings, native grasses, bull pines, and yucca. The Design Guidelines contain construction regulations to minimize impacts on the landscape and existing residences. The goal of a landscape design for a site should integrate the buildings and building envelope in the natural scale, form, massing, color and texture of the existing terrain. Only trees and shrubs indigenous to the area may be used in landscaping.

These guidelines are an overview. A complete set of Architectural Design Guidelines are available from Rehberg Ranch Contact Us.